ACE OF HEARTS (Burraco fatale)

Directed by: Giuliana Gamba, Stars: Claudia Gerini, Angela Finocchiaro, Paola Minaccioni, Caterina Guzzanti and Loretta Goggi, 90 min. (BIF&ST – Bari International Film& Festival 2020: ItaliaFilmFest, Festival do Cinema Italiano no Brasil 2020)

Irma, Eugenia, Miranda and Rina are four different women, each with their own character, their own weaknesses and their own eccentricities. Nevertheless they are linked to each other by a deep and lasting friendship and united by a love for playing cards.
When they qualify for a national bridge tournament and get away from their everyday life, they suddenly find themselves exposed, along with their cards.
Life always offers a second chance and love can turn your life upside down at any age. After all, it is the game of bridge that has taught them that one game must be played all the way through, and that no result should ever be taken for granted.