Directed by: Francesco Bruni, Stars Kim Rosi Stuart, 101 min. (Rome Film Fest 2020: Special Events – Closing Film)

Bruno Salvati’s life is in on hold. His films have never been successful and his producer struggles to finance his next project. His wife Anna, whom he recently separated from, already seems to have found another partner. Bruno also feels like an imperfect father to his children Adele and Tito. One day Bruno discovers that he has a form of leukemia. He immediately consults a competent and tenacious hematologist, who guides him on a very tough path to survival. The first goal is to find a compatible stem cell donor. After a few failed attempts, Bruno begins to be seriously afraid. His father Umberto is therefore forced to reveal a secret from his past which could give him fresh hope. Bruno and his family embark on an unexpected journey of rebirth, with the hidden awareness that for them “Everything’s gonna be alright”.