STOLEN DAYS (Il ladro di giorni)

Directed by: Guido Lombardi, Stars Riccardo Scamarcio and Massimo Popolizio, 105 min. (Festival do Cinema Italiano no Brasil 2020, Russia-Italia Film Festival RIFF 2020, Rome Film Fest 2019: Official Selection)

Salvo is 5 years old when his father Vincenzo is arrested and put into jail. The kid is sent to live with his uncles in the North-East of Italy, but some years later, once out of prison, Vincenzo shows up to take Salvo back with him. Father and son are perfect strangers and almost don’t recognize each other. They start a trip together heading back towards southern Italy, where Vincenzo has a task to accomplish. During this long journey, sitting in the same car, they will finally face the truth about their relationship, discovering what they really are for each other.