iffsa2021_TICKET ROOM

You are about to enter the hall where you’ll be able to enjoy the 12 films of the festival in peace, in your own time at any time of the day, on any device, for the duration of the entire festival.

Choose one of the four HALLS, according to your residential address.

We will ask you to create a simple account with your e-mail adress and a new password dedicated just to us (not the personal one of your email). This account will be like a festival card and you can log in whenever you want with your credentials, also if you always leave the platform page open.

Flag the “Promo code” directly without entering the credit card details.

Over the first 1000 enters, promo code will be disabled. The price has been set at 3.50 USD, converted into local currency, to which taxes not exceeding 20% ​​may be added depending on the daily exchange rate. It is possible to purchase the subscription at any time.

Click on your country to log in and get your ticket.
Copy and Paste the promo Code and enjoy the films!